Mutsu City (むつ市)


Mutsu is the northernmost city on the main Japanese island of Honshu. It occupies most of the northern part of the Shimokita Peninsula, an axe-shaped land mass known for its hot springs, Japanese Macaque monkeys, and Mount Osore, the entrance to Hell according to Buddhist cosmology.

The city is small and remote, mostly home to farmers and fishermen. There are several nuclear facilities nearby, and most of the city lies within the Shimokita Hanto Quasi-National Park. Mutsu is connected by rail to Aomori, on the opposite side of Mutsu Bay, and from there the rest of Honshu is accessible, as well as Hokkaido, through the Seikan Tunnel.

Just to the west of the city is Mount Osore, as well as Bodai-Ji, a Buddhist temple dedicated to Jizo.

Mutsu City (むつ市)

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