“Make me a promise…”

After the death of the Buddha, the Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha took it upon himself to guide the beings of the Six Realms until a time when the Dharma is forgotten on Earth, signaling the coming of Maitreya Buddha.

Ksitigarbha, known as Jizo in Japan, vowed that he would not attain enlightenment until all of the hells had been emptied, and the suffering spirits of dead children had been laid to rest.

Now, in a remote corner of Aomori Prefecture, the wind howls down the slopes of Mount Osore. Piles of stones have begun appearing along the banks of the River Sanzu. At night, children lie awake, listening to voices of demons on the air. Old women say, “Ojizu-sama has left us.” Winter looses its grasp on Mutsu City, but something sinister closes in.

Pact Maker

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